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Bee-Lines (A selection from our quarterly magazine)

May 2016


Introducing a Queen - 100% success



Before too long this season we may be faced with introducing a new queen to one of our colonies that has lost their queen. Many of us know that this can be a tricky situation where the colony may reject the new queen. The following is an idea from Dennis Chow that ‘guarantees’ a 100% success !!!


"Last year I saw a Polish bee farmer replacing his old queen by dipping the new queen into an honey jar, and then spoon it out to put into the hive. So I decided to have a go last year when I had enough new queens. I took a queen from my queen cage and I dropped her into the honey jar, which covered her completely with honey. I then spooned her out and placed her on the top bar of the frame. The bees in the hive rushed to lick the honey to rescue her which only took five minutes. The bees then groomed her and within two minutes she was completely dry and was running on the comb. An hour later, I double checked and saw her walking on the comb without any fuss. The next day, she was still alive and I am very happy this method worked very well. On another occasion I was transferring bees into my observation hive for a village show. I couldn’t find the queen, so I had to introduce a new one quickly. I took a new queen from my mini mating box and introduced her into the colony the same way (dipped into the honey), and hoped for the best. An hour later when I arrived at the show, I was delighted to find her walking on the surface of the comb with the bees. It was a great show, and all the visitors were happy to see the bees and the queen.”


With thanks to Reigate Bee keepers


Comments please. Anyone tried this or willing to have ago?